electric anti pollution mask

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Electric N95 Respirator Air Purifying Features * 
The new 3D adapts to the face design and uses a comfortable and lightweight composite fabric to make the cover. It is lightweight, cool and stylish. And provide a full range of vision, without interfering with other personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, grinding shields, welding hoods.
The use of a three-dimensional cavity design inside the mask can store the air filtered by the fan respirator, plus the design of the air outlet valve, making your breathing smooth and not belching.
The electric fan uses a two-stage suction filter design that allows the entire mask to be filled with fresh air.
There are two filter cartridges that can be replaced. The cover can be hand-washed and reused. The inner cover can be replaced and it is economical.
It applies to home health and outdoor sports, professional industrial use. Prevent dust and fumes that contain such substances as: microorganisms, marble, plaster, titanium oxide, soapstone, rock wool. Wood, detergent, textile fiber, spices, salt, feed, coal, silica, asbestos, mold, bauxite, zinc, iron ore, iron, graphite, kaolin, zinc, manganese, lead, chromium, PM2. 5 other pollution particles and pollen allergens.